Writing for Business -ONLINE

Facilitator: Fiona Prince

This course is a must for people who write the following for business: announcements, briefing notes, decision-papers, emails, instructions, letters, reports and/or web-content. Strong writing skills lead to smoother communications, fewer misunderstandings and increased productivity. Learn the plain language principles that will help you make your written communications easy to read and understand. Demonstrations, videos, and hands-on exercises will help you gain confidence in your writing and learn which grammar gremlins (including punctuation) make the difference between clarity and confusion.

In the first part of this course, we will review A Plain Language Toolkit that includes principles of plain language that apply to everything we write. Mastering plain language principles guarantees your writing will have greater clarity and impact. In the second half, learn to recognize and avoid the most frequent grammar and punctuation errors that bedevil writers. Hands-on exercises will reinforce the learning that takes place in this enjoyable, high-energy session.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Discover the benefits of plain language writing geared toward the reader: avoid jargon and the use of active voice - get to the point and keep it simple
  • Become familiar with and practice the key principles of plain language writing in emails, reports and work related correspondence
  • Demystify grammar and punctuation rules: master sentence types, un-dangle your modifiers, avoid fragments and run-on sentences
  • Ensure tone, appeal, content, style and readability help you get the results you want
  • Identify key grammar and punctuation errors in your writing, and correct them
  • Have greater clarity and impact: seek agreement, keep it positive and adopt the ‘you’ perspective

Note: This course is also available on campus face-to-face.

Certificate Requirement: This course is a requirement for the Professional Communication Skills Certificate.


Course Dates: Writing for Business -ONLINE

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