Workplace Innovation: Tools and Processes

Facilitator: Dave Whittington

Workplace innovation is the process by which new ways of doing things and/or new services or products are created, supported and embedded within organizations. This workshop helps you develop your knowledge of established innovation processes and the skills necessary to innovate within a workplace. It is based on the second course in the Graduate Certificate in Workplace Innovation at Royal Roads University and provides a high-level overview of the concepts and activities that are part of the nine-week online program.

Topics Covered:

  • Explore the major concepts behind two approaches to workplace innovation: human centered design and the innovator’s method
  • Assess your skills in workplace innovation
  • Engage in an experiential human centered design process and apply insights to your own workplace
  • Identify strategies and tools you can use in your workplace to encourage and develop innovation

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Course Dates: Workplace Innovation: Tools and Processes

Start Date:Mar 06, 2019
Delivery:7.5 hours, Classroom
Delivery Day(s)/Time(s): 9:00am - 4:30pm
Price:$325.00 + GST
Instructor:Dave Whittington
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