Tracking the Ancient Emergent-Social Innovation and Reconciliation

Facilitator: David Stevenson

The space between Indigenous and mainstream societies and institutions is complex. Reconciliation requires us to be together in spaces deeply impacted by historical, social and political dynamics. We will explore maps and practices to help individuals and organizations navigate this complexity, restore relationships, and create wise solutions.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Theoretical frameworks and practical tools to support themselves, teams and organizations to understand and draw upon both “ancient and emergent” practices for engaging in complex situations
  • Understanding of social innovation and its application in indigenous contexts
  • Practices and leadership approaches that provide alternatives to the traditional “operating systems” driving western european approaches to business, government and community development
  • Maps and practices to navigate and innovate in social complexity, conflict and adversarial power dynamics

Course Dates: Tracking the Ancient Emergent-Social Innovation and Reconciliation

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