The World of Hummingbirds

Facilitator: Alison Moran

Join hummingbird bander Alison Moran for an exploration into the astounding world of hummingbirds. Learn to distinguish between species and find out about the roles that hummingbirds play in our ecosystems. Hear more about attracting and observing hummingbirds in your own garden.

Dr. Alison Moran is facilitating a follow-up course to this evening talk, Hummingbirds: Beauty on the Wing, on April 21 - 28, 2018.

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Course Dates: The World of Hummingbirds

Start Date:Apr 04, 2018
Delivery:2 hours, Classroom
Delivery Day(s)/Time(s): 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Instructor:Alison Moran
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