The Collaborative Workplace: Principles and Practices

Facilitator: Ben Ziegler

Working well with others is good for business. Positive workplaces read into virtually all business performance metrics. For example, lower absenteeism, higher productivity, greater return on financial investment, better client satisfaction, higher creativity, and lower turnover. This course explores the underlying principles and practices associated with healthy, collaborative workplaces. Ethical leadership and authentic relationships are emphasized. Innovative models for collaborative action are shared. Constructive responses to common collaboration roadblocks are discussed. Bring your collaboration challenges. We’ll do some collaborative problem-solving. Collaboration begins with you!

Positive, collaborative work places are an important driver for success.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Increased awareness of personal and organizational collaboration competencies
  • Best practices to create and maintain a healthy, collaborative, workplace culture
  • Collaborative frameworks and techniques for maximizing team potential
  • How to constructively deal with common collaboration “people’ problems
  • Strategies for intercultural collaboration and conflict management

What will someone be able to do after taking this course?

  • Initiate a project, using a diverse, collaborative team, to address an organizational challenge
  • Apply specific strategies, techniques and tools to further a culture of collaboration
  • Create an action plan to address their collaboration core competency needs

Who should take this course? Professionals wanting to grow their personal, team and/or organization’s collaboration competencies; workplace professionals, team leaders, HR managers, and owners.

Course Dates: The Collaborative Workplace: Principles and Practices

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