Telling True Stories

Facilitator: Kelly Thompson

Everyone has a story, has witnessed a story, or has heard a story. This course is for anyone who prefers the truth behind creative nonfiction, but isn't sure where to start writing their own truths. We will explore different types of creative nonfiction as well as how to use craft and technique writing devices to write real stories.

Topics Covered:

  • Types of Creative Non-Fiction (CNF): lyric, flash, personal essay, memoir, bio, profiles
  • Differentiating CNF from Professional Writing: 'writing what you know', Truth vs. Fact, Superficial vs. Deep, differing memories, triteness and cliche
  • Language: verb tense and consistency, adverbs and adjectives, commitment to language, needless words
  • Dialogue: remembering conversations, how do we talk?
  • Telling a Good Story (Part 1): Using fiction for fact, description, You as the character, where the story starts, imagery and metaphor
  • Telling a Good Story (Part 2): Show don't tell, setting scene, using the 5 senses
  • Use of specific detail and imagery
  • Where to sell your writing, workshopping/critiquing

Course Dates: Telling True Stories

Start Date:Feb 10, 2020
End Date:Mar 22, 2020
Delivery:6 weeks, Online
Delivery Day(s)/Time(s):asynchronous
Price:$595.00 + GST
Instructor:Kelly Thompson
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