Team Interactive Planning Process

Facilitator: Frank Forte

For those involved in executing projects and wanting a higher success outcome, the Project Team Interactive Planning Process (Project TIPP) provides the basis for communicating the overall execution strategy to all project team members and the basis for the development of detailed work plans and schedules. The process creates a vision of the overall project wherein the stakeholders work as a team identifying the scope and risks and decide how they will be organized and managed. The intent is to obtain consensus, ownership and commitment by all participants.

This planning approach will allow one to conduct a workshop which will:

  • Identify critical activities
  • Clearly define deliverables
  • Allow discussion of interfaces and execution
  • Identify requirements and expectations
  • Raise issues early
  • Drive buy-in and accountability
  • Develop recovery plans
  • Foster relationships

Please note: This course takes place off campus at Fort Tectoria, 777 Fort Street, Victoria, BC.

Course Dates: Team Interactive Planning Process

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