Tanis Farish

Tanis Farish, PhD, is a dynamic, high energy advocate of inspired living and is dedicated to helping people optimize how they work best – from our mental models, thriving strategies, to our physical performance. As an exercise physiologist and mental health advocate, Tanis uses her training to help design strategies for optimal living. She has been working in the area of human performance for the last 20 years and is dedicated to helping people thrive at work and life. Her work started with her research in the Department of National Defense examining quality of life issues for CF members and has since explored athletes, post-secondary students, and employees. Her latest research highlights strategies for well-being (specifically recovery and regeneration factors) which highlights how to work with what is inherent within us and how we cope (developing passions). A fascination with the body and brain connection she uses science to inform daily practice and rituals. Tanis is a mom, yogi and runner and works full-time as a faculty member in the Centre for Sport and Exercise Education in Victoria.