So You Want to be a Freelance Writer

Facilitator: Kelly Thompson

This course is a how-to for freelance writers. Which guidelines, tips, and ideas can help writers land pitches and get published? This course explores how to pitch to editors, the best resources for any freelance writer, professional writing tips, and details on the business aspect (e.g. documenting queries, income, and keeping track of files).

Topics Covered:

  • Required tools and resources (books suggestions, memberships, software, etc.)
  • Generating ideas and knowing your market
  • Where to shop your work
  • Writing the perfect query/pitch
  • Following up
  • So you have an article. What now?
  • Professional Writing vs. Creative Writing
  • Writing tips
  • Contracts (kill fees, copyright, etc.)
  • Naming files
  • Keeping track of queries
  • Maintaining files for taxes, income, and follow

Please note this course is now only offered ONLINE.

Course Dates: So You Want to be a Freelance Writer

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