"Shake It Up' Make a Traditional Rawhide Rattle

Facilitator: Glenn Patterson

Rattles are used by many cultures as musical instruments, toys, celebratory and ceremonial tools. We will examine a wide variety of rattles from the Americas including their uses in healing and social ceremonies as you prepare and make your own. This is a hands-on workshop, working with rawhide, wood handles, sand, water and stones. This will be a fun session that any age and skill level can enjoy. The participant will create an individual item that can become a tool of self discovery.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Become empowered to create your own individual rattle, using traditional natural materials
  • Be able to make and teach others how to create these instruments
  • Learn to use and play these rattles

Who should take this course? Any person wishing to learn how to work with wood and rawhide, this could include musicians, teachers, music therapists and artists. This program would be open to all ages and skill levels.

Why? Students interested in traditional musical/ceremonial culture learn to make these instruments "from scratch". They will discover their own skills and abilities by creating these items themselves.

Please note: Students will be making a lightbulb shaped rattle similar to the one in the first image (blue rattle).

Course Dates: "Shake It Up' Make a Traditional Rawhide Rattle

For more information about this course please contact Professional and Continuing Studies

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