Re-Innovate: Take Complex Change to Scale

Facilitator: Glenda Eoyang

Replication used to be the soul of taking an innovation to scale . . . If it works here, it should work there and everywhere. How can I implement with fidelity? We always follow best practices and evidence-based principles. This approach works when the innovation is simple, and the context is consistent. Seat belts, bicycle helmets, smart phones, and Tim Horton’s are great examples of how this approach can succeed. The problem is that our most important innovations are not simple, and they must work in contexts that are seldom consistent. Under such conditions, replication is a failing strategy. Education reform, agricultural practices, social justice, and community-based healthcare implementations provide ample evidence that a solution developed in one context is seldom “fit for function” in another.

Today, our intractable, systemic challenges are not simple, and they have to adapt to local situations and conditions that change over time. One size will not fit all, but the needs are urgent, and resources are limited. Entrepreneurs, public servants, philanthropies, and community activists need principles and practices to transfer innovation from one context to another quickly and effectively.

This session will introduce Scale-Free Dissemination. This is an innovative approach to innovation. It is derived from complexity science and developed through the theory and practice of human systems dynamics (HSD). Accessible theory and compelling case studies will demonstrate methods to extract learning from innovation in one context and invest it successfully in another. You will be invited to apply these principles to one of your own sticky innovation issues.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Recognize the challenges of going to scale with complex innovations in uncertain environments
  • Explore practical alternatives to disseminate innovation across diverse contexts
  • Create an action plan to apply what you learn to a challenge you face today
  • Build relationships with others who face similar challenges
  • Access resources to sustain your learning and practice

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Course Dates: Re-Innovate: Take Complex Change to Scale

Start Date:May 16, 2019
End Date:May 17, 2019
Delivery:14 hours, Classroom
Delivery Day(s)/Time(s):Thu, May 16, 2019 9:00am - 4:30pmFri, May 17, 2019 9:00am - 4:30pm
Price:$695.00 + GST
Instructor:Glenda Eoyang
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