Performance Management I: Coach, Correct or Discipline

Facilitator: Cheryl Fitzpatrick

“We’ve talked about it, but the results haven’t improved!” Is it time for a more corrective conversation? This activity based management workshop applies and practices methods to correctly assess heightened situations and confidently take a respectful course of action to correct behaviors and improve performance results. This program is focused on addressing real life situations using governance, performance measurement, behavioral coaching, corrective conversations, power, rewards and consequence. Participants will relate these practical techniques to their own circumstances and managerial or supervisory challenges.

Topics Covered:

  • Management Superpowers
    • Emotional Containment - Containing emotions and remaining objective
    • Personal Power and Authority
    • Motivational Magnetics
      • Rewards and Consequences
      • Peer pressure
      • Business Controls, standards and measurement
  • Situational Scanning
    • Guiding Principles
    • Conducting a Situational Scan
    • Incorporating governance
      • Labour Law, Organizational Policies and Collective Agreements
  • Choosing appropriate course of action
    • Coach, Correct or Discipline
    • Targeted use of Rewards and Consequences
  • Practice – Corrective Performance conversations and follow up
  • Practice – Corrective Behavioral conversations and follow up

Learning Outcomes:

Attendees will learn about and be able to apply tools and skills to improve employee performance or address behavioural issues.   This active, engaging workshop will enable attendees to:

  • Apply appropriate and situational uses of personal power and authority
  • Effectively manage personal emotions and maintain managerial objectivity
  • Apply targeted motivational techniques to correct behaviours and improve performance results
    • Use of objective business controls, standards, measures and milestones
    • Leveraging peer pressure
    • Implementation of motivational systems designed to foster initiative and accountability
      • Targeted use of rewards and consequences
  • Conduct a Situational Scan to assess degrees of risk and degree of intervention
    • Apply Guiding principles
    • Review facts and data, points of view, circumstances, employment history, accommodations, risk assessment
    • Understand and incorporate Governance
      • Collective agreements, organizational policy and employment law
  • Decide and implement course of action
    • Coach, Correct or Discipline
  • Confidently conduct corrective Performance or behavioral conversations
    • Setting clear and specific expectations
    • Using results and observations to measure progress
    • Gaining agreement and commitment
    • Conducting follow up
    • Applying targeted rewards or consequence

Course Dates: Performance Management I: Coach, Correct or Discipline

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