Performance Coaching Comes Alive!

Join us to level up your performance coaching skills. This course brings together effective tools that are readily adaptable to diverse coaching situations. Participants will finish the course with practical skills in applying the appropriate tool from a comprehensive coaching toolkit in order to positively enhance performance in the workplace.

Topics Covered:

  • Identify key success factors for effective performance coaching
  • Design the shape of a coaching conversation
  • Recognize over fifteen performance coaching tools and concepts

For example:

  • Inner Game
  • TGrow
  • Balancing Challenge and Rapport
  • Circle of Influence
  • Problem vs. Opportunity based approach

Learning Outcomes:

  • Apply performance coaching tools to case studies
  • Enhance proficiency in using coaching tools through in course practice 
  • Understand the difference between coaching and consulting
  • Assess the effectiveness of coaching session by using specific evaluation methods

Course Dates: Performance Coaching Comes Alive!

For more information about this course please contact Professional and Continuing Studies