Organizational Transformation

This one-day course will develop participants’ strengths and competencies in performing a high-level assessment of the impact of strategy and change on an organization and its employees, and forecasting the likelihood of implementing wide-scale change successfully. During the course, participants will work in teams and learn an innovative approach to assessing the probability of implementing organizational change successfully.

Topics Covered:

Understand drivers of transformational change – explore 7 accelerating technologies that will change our world as we know it

  • Explore impact of accelerating technologies on various industries
  • Team discussion/presentation – potential impact to client base

Organizational transformation – effects of system blindness on executive thinking: team assignment – case study (4 grid model)

  • Explore the link between organizational change and personal change; and 4 reasons for resistance
  • Create an action plan for behavioural change to move self and others past barriers to change

Learn a structured approach to leading transformation through application of change management best practices from stakeholder engagement and communication to conducting impact analysis and business readiness assessments. (acmp model and 3 tools)

  • Team assignment – case study
  • Class review and case solution

This course can be taken on its own or as part of the Strategic Business Initiatives Certificate.

Course Dates: Organizational Transformation

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