Natural Asset Management: An Introduction to Making Nature Count in Canadian Municipalities

Facilitator: Roy Brooke

Canadian communities face challenges of declining infrastructure quality and diminishing health and resilience of many ecosystems, a challenge made far more pressing by climate change. To address this, leading local governments are starting to identify, value and account for natural assets in their financial planning and asset management programs as a means to develop deliver core services sustainably through a climate resilient green infrastructure. This course covers core concepts, the most recent case examples and latest approaches to municipal natural asset management, and is delivered by the Executive Director of the Municipal Natural Assets Initiative. It will provide both essential information to anyone working for, or with local governments or who is interested in innovative approaches to community sustainability; and, an opportunity to discuss with peers and the instructor, potential approaches to challenges and opportunities in students’ own communities. .

Who should attend

  • Local government staff
  • Staff in organizations that work with local governments e.g. UBCM, LGMA
  • Professionals that provide service to local governments e.g. engineers, planners
  • People involved in community sustainability projects such as watershed management and conservation

By the end of the course students will:

  • Understand and appreciate that natural assets can or do provide services to local governments
  • Understand how modern structured asset management in Canada is a useful platform for natural asset management
  • Understand core terminology, including how natural assets fit within the concept of green infrastructure
  • Be familiar with several Canadian case examples of natural asset management
  • Understand key barriers and opportunities to scaling up natural asset management
  • Have a better understanding of how they can advance natural asset management in their own contexts and where they can get additional resources

Course Dates: Natural Asset Management: An Introduction to Making Nature Count in Canadian Municipalities

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