Mindfulness for Leaders

Facilitator: Patricia Galaczy

Leadership is about one life influencing another. Practicing mindfulness positively and significantly impacts leadership by improving cognitive functioning and increasing responsiveness, focus, connection and innovation in the service of others. Throughout two days of participatory and practical learning, we will review the most recent research and application of mindfulness in the leadership context and draw direct links between effective leadership and mindfulness practice. Designed for all levels of leadership, this course helps leaders transfer the practice of mindfulness into their work environments and positively impact how they lead.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Define and demonstrate the clear link between mindfulness practice and effective leadership
  • Practice and apply mindfulness skills and tools for improving cognitive capacity, responsiveness, focus, connection, and innovation
  • Design strategic plans for transferring the practice of mindfulness into the work environment and leadership approach

Certificate Requirement: This course is an elective for the Integrated Mindfulness Certificate.

Course Dates: Mindfulness for Leaders

For more information about this course please contact Professional and Continuing Studies