Mindfully Integrating Creative Action

This course explores the tools and processes necessary to engage groups in meaningful and inspired approaches to positive change. To bring about change, we know that statistics and facts are helpful, but often not enough. We also need to inspire the heart. Contemporary change agents are drawing from ancient wisdom practices such as mindfulness while also mixing it up with creative and participatory methods. Join us to bring forward your real-life examples, deepen the conversation, and explore collaborative action in what Marilyn Taylor (2011) calls emergent learning for wisdom.

Co-developed by Catherine Etmanski and Hilary Bradbury, this weekend workshop introduces the practice of the “mirror circle.” Participants identify current personal or organizational challenges. These are then engaged as a case study for the whole group and processed through diverse approaches to meditation, participative artistic modalities, and other expressive ways of knowing. We invite you to feel personally refreshed in this work while also seeing the benefit and transformative value for the world.

At the end of this course students will:

  • Deepen their capacity for self-awareness along with the ability to find comfort inside the unavoidable discomfort of uncertainty
  • Enrich the relational space of our work so that it leads to innovation in our action researching
  • Experiment and play with creative methods as a means to personal and collective
  • Oh, and have some fun too!

Come prepared with an open mind and a case challenge to share.

Course Dates: Mindfully Integrating Creative Action

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