Microgreens for Small-scale Commercial Production

Facilitator: Curtis Stone

Learn how to run a profitable urban farming business with very little land, or none at all. Curtis Stone, author of The Urban Farmer, shows how you can make a living growing microgreens in the city for niche market streams, like high-end restaurants and farmers’ markets, or supplying through cooperative CSA programs. He'll show you how you can farm anywhere, from a small piece of industrial land or a small garage, and make a living at it twelve months of the year.

This course will cover the basics of startup investments to building the necessary infrastructure to run four different types of microgreens operations.

Topics Covered:

  • Marketing
  • Investment and infrastructure
  • Production
  • Finance and Administration
  • Hands on demonstration
  • Four micro green business models (infrastructure and investments)
    • Indoor Small Scale   
    • Field Micros
    • Medium Scale Greenhouse
    • Indoor Large Scale

For more information:

The Urban Farmer by Curtis Stone

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Course Dates: Microgreens for Small-scale Commercial Production

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