Meditations that Heal the Heart

Facilitator: Neil McKinlay

Both our being and the cosmos long to heal; to be whole. According to Buddhism’s bodhichitta tradition, when we open the human heart, this longing is expressed as a transformative warmth - warmth capable of bringing healing to ourselves, others, and this world. Using the Meditating with the Body practices of Reggie Ray, this workshop will guide us into our unique physical incarnation and welcome the heart’s potent tenderness into our lives. Same weekend as Meditations that Uncover Our Lives.

Topics Covered:

  • Self-acceptance and the human journey
  • The practice of embodied meditation
  • Healing the heart and helping others
  • How to continue at home

Learning Outcomes:

  • An understanding of the importance of self-acceptance
  • Familiarity with embodied practices that cultivate self-acceptance
  • Appreciation for our selves and our lives as they are
  • Confidence to continue the practices at home

Note: Participants are advised to wear warm, comfortable clothing and to bring a blanket or mat to lay on.

To experience a weekend of meditation practice, on Saturday, April 4, 2020 Neil McKinlay is also offering the meditation course, Meditations that Uncover Our Lives.

Course Dates: Meditations that Heal the Heart

Start Date:Apr 05, 2020
Delivery:7.5 hours, Classroom
Delivery Day(s)/Time(s): 9:00am - 4:30pm
Price:$89.00 + GST
Instructor:Neil McKinlay
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