Into the Dojo: Somatic Practices for Systems Artistry

The Japanese term ‘dojo’ literally means ‘a place for practicing the way’ and generally refers to a space used for training in martial arts or meditation. Our dojo time will use activities and practices drawn directly – or adapted from – traditional Japanese martial arts traditions to examine some of the inner capacities and outer skills required to lead effectively in complex challenge domains. In this approach, our body and its habitual responses become a living metaphor for how we engage and lead others. We’ll work through a range of dynamic scenarios, both alone and with partners - that may shine a light on our internal states, help us become more aware of how these shape our responses in the present moment and use that awareness to consciously choose more skillful and effective actions. We’ll practice responding from our most skillful state when it is both most challenging and when we most need it. And we’ll explore our own unique capacity for systems artistry and unlock the leadership wisdom of the heart and body.

Participants should be aware that this is a hands-on and physically engaging session. The atmosphere is one of great respect where the safety and dignity of all is paramount. Everybody is welcome regardless of their physical fitness, strength, or previous experience.

This course is a pre-conference workshop offered as part of Leadership Conference 2020: Leading in Extraordinary Times. More information on this course, and on the full conference is available here -

Instructor: Julian Norris

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Course Dates: Into the Dojo: Somatic Practices for Systems Artistry

Start Date:Apr 23, 2020
Delivery:3.5 hours, Classroom
Delivery Day(s)/Time(s): 1:00pm - 4:30pm
Price:$150.00 + GST
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