How to Improve Your Writing: Email, Blogs, Social Media, and More

Facilitator: Fiona Prince

Today, many of us find we are talking through our fingers on keyboards and touch-screens more than we are talking face-to-face and on the phone. This increased need for writing, both in and out of the workplace, requires us to improve our writing skills. Strong writing skills lead to smoother communications and fewer misunderstandings. This highly engaging, interactive course will give you the tips and techniques you need to gain confidence in your writing for emails, social media posts, personal blogs and websites. Gather your pens, pencils, laptops and tablets. Let’s get ready to write!

This workshop is designed to teach you the plain language principles that will help make your written communications easy to read and understand. Whether you want to improve your writing skills for informal emails and social media, or for more formal media, such as personal blogs and websites, this workshop will provide the tips and techniques needed to gain confidence in your writing.

Topics Covered:

  • Writing for on-screen reading vs. print
  • Analyze and write for your audience (readers)
  • The writing process (emails, blog posts, articles)
  • Seven steps to writing effective emails
  • The 5 Cs of effective writing: correct, clear, concise, coherent and consistent

Learning Outcomes:

  • Discover how to edit your own writing for maximum impact
  • Become familiar with and practice the key principles of plain language writing
  • Identify key grammar and punctuation errors in your writing, and correct them
  • Learn how to repurpose your writing for different readers
  • Have greater clarity and impact—guaranteed!

Note: This course is also available online. The online version combines this course with more advanced writing techniques.


Course Dates: How to Improve Your Writing: Email, Blogs, Social Media, and More

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