Facilitator: Juliet Pendray

Interested in knowing more about the life-forms that share your habitat? Intrigued by lichens and wanting to know more about them? We will cover how to identify lichens, how to distinguish them from other organisms, their place in the local ecologies, and how we use them as food, medicine and tools.

Topics Covered:

  • Basics of Biology/Physiology: Understand what lichens are
  • Habitat, Ecology and Indentification Basics: Finding lichen and distinguishing from other organisms. Awareness of mosses, liverworts, vascular plants and fungi that resemble or live with lichen. Identifying common local lichens and lichen types.
  • Identification: Identification tools and techniques                                                                                            
  • Ethnolichenology: Lichen as food, medicine and tools                                                                                 

Note: We will not be using stains and microscopy for advanced identification. Students will be outdoors for a large portion of this course.

Course Dates: Enlichenment!

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