Ecological Landscape Design Semester 2

Landscape health starts with intelligent design. Explore the intricate relationships within ecosystems, and how you can work with them to create vibrantly beautiful and healthy, low maintenance, self-sustaining gardens that are a haven for wildlife. Be prepared for an eye-opening experience that will challenge some commonly held beliefs and leave you empowered with a new understanding of how a garden works.

Who should take this course:

  • Those considering a career in landscape design
  • Landscapers wishing to offer more professional design services
  • Homeowners wishing to design their gardens in a professional manner
  • Landscape professionals who wish to earn generous pre-approved Continuing Education Credits to maintain industry certifications (ISA, CNLA, BCSLA, SOUL).

Time Requirement: This is part two of a two semester, part-time program. Each semester has different content and consists of 16 three-hour sessions.

Prerequisite: Students must successfully complete Ecological Landscape Design Semester 1 before being admitted into Ecological Landscape Design Semester 2.

Part of the Gaia College/Royal Roads University Diploma in Organic Land Care.

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Course Dates: Ecological Landscape Design Semester 2

For more information about this course please contact Professional and Continuing Studies