EcoFarm: Fall Fundamentals

This course demonstrates the critical interconnections among organic agriculture, biodiversity, and human nutrition through presentations, demonstrations and practical training. A hands-on learning experience in aspects of plant propagation, harvesting, and preservation (canning) illustrates the benefits of ecofarming for people, planet, and profit.

The EcoFarm Fall program includes fundamental skills and knowledge - plant propagation, challenges in the field, crop planning, harvest, storage, and food preservation.

Topics Covered:

Day 1: What is EcoFarming?

  • Welcome and Introduction to the EcoFarm School at Haliburton Farm:
  • Sustainable Small-scale Farming Practices
  • Ecosystem Restoration and Enhancement at Haliburton Farm
  • Links Between Food Quality and Human Health
  • Ecological Context and History of Organic Agriculture on Southern Vancouver Island
  • Hands-on Soil Building

Day 2: EcoFarm Communities Above & Below

  • In the Field: History of Soil at Haliburton Farm
  • Hands-on Soil Building and Management
  • Connections: Nutrition, Food Systems, and Biodiversity
  • Introduction to Edible Plants and their Propagation

Day 3: Food for Everyone & Everything

  • Ecosystem Restoration and Enhancement Techniques for Farmlands
  • Making a Wildflower Meadow
  • Introduction to Indigenous Food Systems
  • Hands-on Seeding and Transplanting
  • The Big Picture: Planning for Business Success - Michael Nyberg, New Mountain Farm
  • Hands-on: Fall Crop Planning and Rotation

Day 4: Harmony

  •  Plants, Foods, and Medicines of the Saanich Peninsula with John-Bradley Williams (W̱ SÁNEĆ and Ahousat Nation)
  • Hand Tools and Techniques for All-Season Certified Organic Agriculture
  • Hands-on: Thoughtful Control of 'Weeds' and ‘Pests

Day 5: Business of EcoFarming

  • Tour and Demonstration: The Harvest
  • Markets and Marketing for Certified Organic Food
  • Hands-on Processing: Canning and Other Preservation Methods
  • Packaging Innovation - Toni Desrosiers, Founder, AbeegoTour and Demonstration: The Harvest

Learning Outcomes:

  • Grow good food using certified organic methods
  • Build and maintain healthy soils
  • Balance ecosystem health with food production
  • Describe links between food growing methods and nutrition
  • Identify and propagate edible plant species
  • Approach ‘pests and weeds’ with sustainable control methods
  • Explain how preservation methods affect food nutrient value
  • Create a crop management plan for the year
  • Harvest, store, and preserve healthy food
  • Describe certified organic food market opportunities

 Course Location: Haliburton Farm, 741 Haliburton Rd, Saanich, BC

Course Dates: EcoFarm: Fall Fundamentals

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