Designing Employee Development: A Systems Approach - ONLINE

Facilitator: Edie Dittman

This five-week online course is for supervisors, managers and team leads who are interested in learning how successful organizations develop and retain talent. It focuses on a systems approach to lead, coach and transform employee development. Assignments and discussions make topics relevant because participants apply learning to their organizational situation.

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Describe the link between training development and performance and how they align with organizational success
  • Describe trends and apply best practices when assessing employee needs through coaching
  • Use different coaching styles (directing, developing, delegating), depending on an employee’s situation
  • Apply a variety of questioning techniques and employ a dialogue model based on curiosity and active listening
  • Practice completing needs assessments to determine appropriate training methods in different situations
  • Describe the six levels of the learning evaluation process and how it supports the principle that training and development is a process rather than a single event
  • Implement the partnership role that supervisors and their employees share to facilitate the transfer of learning to performance
  • Practice writing SMART action plans to apply learning from this course to your organizational situation

Learner Effort:
5-7 hours per week

Computer Requirements:
A week prior to the course start date you will receive an email from us with information on how to access the online course. At that time you will be encouraged to visit a short orientation website to familiarize yourself with our online learning platform. You will find the computer requirements for this course through this link:

Course Dates: Designing Employee Development: A Systems Approach - ONLINE

Start Date:Oct 19, 2020
End Date:Nov 23, 2020
Delivery:5 weeks, Online
Delivery Day(s)/Time(s):asynchronous
Price:$695.00 + GST
Instructor:Edie Dittman
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