Design Your Own Midlife Reinvention

Tap into the quiet revolution taking place. Midlife is an opportunity for a renewed sense of spontaneity, creativity and adventure. Reconnect with aspects of yourself you have neglected and work with your natural inborn gifts to design a new vision of your future. Release attachment to the status quo and embrace the life you truly want to live. This is an invitation to enjoy personal fulfillment and purposeful action. It’s time to create a customized Dream Life Plan.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Take the unRetirement Readiness Quiz
  • Create a LifeStory Timeline to identify your key drivers
  • Identify how to leverage your time and talent with opportunities
  • Understand the power of practical creativity
  • Follow a 5-step process to design your future

Who should take this course? Women and men age 45+.

Why? Many people will not have a traditional retirement. They will continue to work past "retirement" age, but they do not yet have a plan in place. This workshop will help them create a plan.

Course Dates: Design Your Own Midlife Reinvention

Start Date:Jun 08, 2019
Delivery:1 day, Classroom
Delivery Day(s)/Time(s):10:00am - 4:00pm
Price:$89.00 + GST
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