Decoding Personalities = Better Communication + Improved Relationships

Facilitator: Ashli Komaryk

Who are you…really? Solid research & interactive exercises will uncover deep truths about your personality type & communication style. Learn people-reading techniques & how to use them to build stronger relationships and avoid the high cost of miscommunication, conflict and turnover in the workplace. Enhance the quality of all your relationships.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand in great detail your own communication style and personality type
  • Acquire a common language to help teams understand one another and work better together
  • Learn to use the workshop material as a springboard for conversation and team building
  • Improve employee and workplace communication
  • Understand people who aren’t like you…or are too much like you
  • Reduce conflict and avoid misunderstandings

NOTE: The course helps participants engage within today’s non-negotiable standards of respectful communication. Participants receive a 20-pg personalized report with practical, customized advice & access to an on-line portal with a 60-minute podcast on their personality type & the ability to create Comparison Reports with others.

Who should take this course? This course is valuable for anyone who works or lives with other people.

Ideal for individuals, work teams or even families. Suitable for learners at any and all levels and professional backgrounds including:

  • Salespeople
  • Front-line customer service professionals
  • Managers/Supervisors
  • Administrative employees in any sector
  • Leaders or members of cross-functional/multi-department work teams
  • Students who are about to enter the workforce
  • Newcomers to Canada
  • HR professionals, advisors & strategists
  • Learning & Development professionals
  • Labour & Employment Relations professionals

Why? Business, and all aspects of our lives, rely on & revolve around interpersonal communication and relationships. It is fundamentally important to recognize and avoid those traps that may impede respectful and effective communication.

This course provides foundational knowledge that will unlock the full potential of all future training experiences.

Course Dates: Decoding Personalities = Better Communication + Improved Relationships

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