Cultures of Connections -Leadership as a Healing Art

Facilitators: David Stevenson , Duncan Grady

Organizational life is tough. Personal, community or organizational wellness requires leadership of “in-spiration” and a holistic sense of belonging. Weaving traditional Indigenous spiritual wisdom, perennial teachings and modern practice in leadership, we will explore practices of personal, community and organizational wellness.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Traditional teachings of leadership and wellness
  • Leadership models and practical tools for supporting connected communities and organizational environments
  • Practices for inviting, supporting honouring wellness in community and organizational contexts.
  • Traditional medicine wheel and "perennial" teachings and their application to personal life and leadership roles and responsibilities
  • Indigenous Spiritual and "Perennial Teachings"

Please note the course dates have changed from the printed calendar.

Course Dates: Cultures of Connections -Leadership as a Healing Art

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