Crafting Compelling Stories through Digital Storytelling

Facilitator: Robin Cox

This one-day workshop will provide hands-on learning about crafting digital stories. Digital storytelling focuses on learning, creating and sharing experiences through supportive technology. Here, a topic of interest is explored, articulated and shared through photographs, narration and music. How individual stories can align with wider group actions through discursive activities and advocacy initiatives will also be highlighted. Participants will leave the workshop with their own digital story to share.

In this workshop, participants will gain knowledge in Digital Storytelling basics, such as utilizing Visual Explorer and/or story boarding, as well as gain an understanding of the equipment required, technical skills, and where to seek additional support for facilitating their own activities.

Topics can focus on a personal issue, specific question, or wider social concern for civic action.

Topics Covered:

  • Ideas for sparking creativity in individual storytelling processes
  • Information about ethics and consent in building individual stories for public dissemination
  • Practice in using story-generation techniques and methods 
  • An understanding of storytelling  basics, such as the story arc
  • An overview of different technologies that might be used in digital storytelling
  • Hands-on experience in digital story building
  • Links to more in-depth resources for facilitating digital storytelling activities

Course Dates: Crafting Compelling Stories through Digital Storytelling

For more information about this course please contact Professional and Continuing Studies