Competency Based Management Practices

Facilitator: Barry Christiansen

In this course, participants will develop an understanding of the foundational importance of competency-based management in public institutions. Participants will identify and examine examples of effective competency-based management and apply their new-found appreciation to their own work settings in their organizations. Further, they will explore their line management responsibilities for the development and use of competency profiles in ensuring exceptional service delivery.


  • Why:
    • Why the concept of competency-based leadership is important
  • What:
    • what a competency is
    • what a competency profile is
    • what a competency profile is used for, both by line managers and human resource professionals
    • What a competency profile is used for. A well-written competency profile provides the foundation for the entire range of human resource management functions of both the line manager and the human resource professional, including:
      • job description
      • job classification
      • posting/advertisement
      • selection/hiring
      • on-boarding of new recruits
      • learning and development
      • performance planning and review
  • How:
    • how to write competencies
    • how to use them
    • how they help us deliver service effectively


  • Write competencies that:
    • are simple and clear
    • embody a single, readily identifiable function
    • are behaviourally-based (i.e., that incorporate action verbs).
  • Develop a competency profile that includes:
    • competency profile title
    • core competencies
    • job family competencies
    • job specific competencies
    • leadership competencies (depending on the job)
  • Apply the competency profile to the following tasks:
    • writing a job description
    • planning a new staff hire (this will be explored in depth in the course entitled “hire power”)
    • planning the on-boarding of a new staff member
    • planning a developmental curriculum for a staff member
    • managing staff members’ performance

Course Dates: Competency Based Management Practices

Start Date:Apr 15, 2019
End Date:May 12, 2019
Delivery:4 weeks, Online
Delivery Day(s)/Time(s):asynchronous
Price:$495.00 + GST
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