Coaching with LEADS -ONLINE

Facilitator: Shauna Fenwick

This online course is for already certified executive coaches and is an orientation to the LEADS framework, particularly from the perspective of coaching a client who is either personally or professionally using the framework for leadership development. The course will teach how the framework can provide a language and a structure for learning to lead. Participants will explore the nuances of coaching to the client's agenda while gently holding the map of the LEADS framework as a guide. International Coach Federation (ICF) Continuing Education Credits will be awarded upon successful completion of this course.

The LEADS in a Caring Environment Health Leadership Capability Framework has been widely adopted by health agencies in Canada as a guide for developing leadership capacity. This course is for experienced coaches who are working within health authorities and as external contractors with clients whose employer may be using the LEADS framework for a variety of purposes, including performance development, succession planning and leadership education. Coaches do not necessarily need to be content experts in their clients' area of practice,  however, when coaches are working with clients who are using a particular framework, it can help both the coach and the client if the coach has a working knowledge of the language and major domains of that framework.

This course meets the eligibility requirements for LEADS Coach certification through the Canadian College of Health Leaders

Who It’s For: Certified Executive Coaches (or equivalent) and ICF-credentialed coaches committed to professional development in the field of executive coaching.

The course may also be of interest to coaches who are working with leaders who are not using the LEADS framework, as the framework can provide the coach a map of the territory of leadership in general, regardless of work sector. The course is designed as a participative and collaborative learning space with expectations that participants will share their knowledge and experience of coaching developing leaders.

Learning Outcomes:

This online course is designed for experienced coaches to:

  • Increase awareness of the 5 major domains and 20 capabilities of the LEADS framework
  • Listen more effectively for LEADS capabilities in your clients' experience
  • Use LEADS based questions to help focus your clients' learning
  • Use LEADS based language with clients to:
  • Increase their awareness of the dimensions of their leadership
  • Create goals for development
  • Design new actions to meet their goals.

Learning Model: This is an online course with readings, discussion forums and weekly webinar sessions (full participation is required). The time commitment is estimated at 1.5 hours per week for the webinar (held each Wednesday from 4:30pm-6pm PDT), approximately 1.5 hours per week per week of reflective and learning partner work and approximately one hour per week of online reading and discussion. The discussion forums are asynchronous, with recommended timelines for postings.

Course Dates: Coaching with LEADS -ONLINE

Start Date:Oct 21, 2019
End Date:Dec 08, 2019
Delivery:7 weeks, Online
Delivery Day(s)/Time(s):asynchronous
Price:$950.00 + GST
Instructor:Shauna Fenwick
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