Business Essentials for Middle Managers

Facilitator: Don Caplan

This workshop will introduce you to the foundations of management thinking enabling you to distinguish the difference between common sense and hype in the workplace. Through robust class discussion, case analysis and personal reflection you will gain insight into middle management as differentiated from other levels of management and leadership. The intent is to provide you with enough basic information to be comfortable and confident in tackling real-life management/supervisory challenges.

Topics Covered:

  • Management versus Leadership: Principles of management, how yesterday’s ideas still influence modern management behaviour
  • Management Myths: Middle management functions; theory versus practice
  • The Human Side of Management: The role of personality and “chemistry” in achieving success; the role
  • of intuition in decision-making
  • Ethics and Values in Management: Lessons learned and not learned from the corporate world
  • Management Imperatives: Common sense keys to being an effective middle manager

Learning Outcomes:

  • Articulate the meaning of middle management as distinct from senior management and leadership.
  • Assess the value of middle management.
  • Apply critical thinking to addressing middle management challenges.
  • Articulate an approach to middle management that applies to the real work environment
  • Summarize the imperatives of managing in a balanced, values-based manner

Course Dates: Business Essentials for Middle Managers

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