A Little Course in Human Shadow: Reclaiming the Gold

Facilitator: Hilary Leighton

In childhood, family, school, church and culture help determine what is and is not acceptable, and we tend to bury those aspects or qualities that don’t fit our New Year’s Resolution Self. Jung called this our 'shadow': comprising repressed energies that strangle our true natures until we reclaim that lost (and unexpressed) vitality rather than project it onto others. Experience practices that give glimpses into learning about shadow and begin the necessary befriending (reclaiming) process required for integration and wholeness.

Learning Topics:

  • The old Ethic from Greek and Judeo Christian traditions
  • Archetypal figures
  • Denial of the negative-dualistic thinking or one-sidedness
  • Suppression and repression, Persona and Shadow (both golden and dark)
  • The difference between projection and transference
  • Scapegoating
  • The New Ethic
  • Assimilation of the shadow, transformation of the persona, individuation (Carl Jung)          
  • What is and what is not shadow?
  • Places to look for shadow, dreams, reflective practices
  • What is meant by “eating shadow”?

Course Dates: A Little Course in Human Shadow: Reclaiming the Gold

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